3 things Movies and TV Shows Taught me as a Kid

Depressed Seeds grow beautiful leaves

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For anyone who knew me as a kid, you probably were aware of how much I adored movies/TV shows (and that I still do). I would often go to the movie theater AT LEAST once a week since I lived right by a theater. I would walk in sun or rain for about 40 minutes to get there. I would spend every remainder of money I had. Often, I would try to see multiple movies in one trip. I would go and see at least 3/4 movies in a single day. I loved planning out the times, and I would bring snacks and drinks from home to make sure I wouldn’t get hungry. During this time, I had friends, but they mostly lived to far away for me to hang out with, so I would go to my second friends’ house every weekend (AMC Mercado Movie Theaters). While, during the…

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