I will believe in the damn Easter Bunny 

Depressed Seeds grow beautiful leaves

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When I was a little girl I thought of life in a magical way. I believed in unicorns, the Easter Bunny, and treasures at the end of the rainbow. There was a sweet innocence in life, that no longer exists once a child grows up. It much like Peter Pan deciding to live in Neverland, because living in the “real world,” is too hard. When I was a teenager, I didn’t believe in anything, in fact everything was wrong. My hair was wrong, my face was wrong, my clothes were wrong. The whole world was wrong. I couldn’t find magic in the mundane of life. I’d wake up, go to school, do homework, eat and sleep. It was like that every single day. In one of my old journals from high school, I wrote: “Life is not extraordinary in fact, it’s the smart and educated people who learn that life…

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